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Hot water cylinder replacements, dripping taps, burst pipes, overflowing pipes, blocked toilets, leaking toilets. Replacement of existing fixtures and fittings – e.g.toilets, taps, bath, shower. 

Hot Water Cylinders

If your hot water cylinder needs servicing or replacing then give us a call for a quote or estimate on repair or replacement, or options for converting to gas instantaneous hot water.

New houses

If you’re thinking of building, or currently building a new house we can provide a quality service for your plumbing needs.

Gas Water Heating

We supply, install, and service gas hot water units. If you are wanting a quote to convert from electric hot water or need your equipment serviced, give us a call.

Renovations and Alterations

Are you carrying out kitchen or bathroom renovations? For reliable plumbing services and advice on your refurbishment, get in touch today.  We can recommend quality products which are efficient, energy saving, sustainable, high quality and built to last. 

Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow presents a serious health hazard due to unwanted water flow in the reverse direction. Give us a call about installing a backflow prevention device in order to eliminate the risk of significant contamination of your water supply.

Installation of water filters

Whole house, in line or under bench, UV filters, carbon filters. Removal of chlorine odour and taste in water.



We can locate leaks in your pipework in all locations by using state of the art ultra-sonic technology. We can pinpoint underground water leaks without digging unnecessary holes or damaging your property.

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